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Nick De George

President and Founder


Nick launched the company in 2004 and like Apple Computer - started in his garage.  Since then he has grown his company to encompass two production facilities. One facility in Illinois, the birthplace of the company, and the second in Georgia. 


His background and experience as a Vice-President of Investments with large financial firms and having flown as a general aviation pilot is where he draws his focus on achieving the goal as well as how to navigate to it. 


His passion for a superb product and outstanding customer service is what he believes sets his company apart from the competition.  As he regularly tell his clients, "If you love our product please tell someone else, and if you don’t tell me."

Rich oversees all aspects of production, both the custom work and running line operations.  He assures the orders are outbound as planned to meet customer deadlines.  He monitors that both facilities are operating on schedule and that quality control is maintained at the highest level at all times. 


Rich’s background is in financial services and his personal passion is driving stock cars owned by him and his brother.  His experience working in a fast paced environment suits him perfectly for overseeing several facets of the production system, all of which are in constant motion and changing speeds at different times. 


Vice-President of Production and Planning


Marketing Director

As Marketing Director Tonya focuses her energy on making the customer experience in the digital world, one of our top priorities.  She understands that in today's busy and fast fast world, the ability to have information at your fingertips is vital.

Buddy brings 58 years of experience in the industry having begun his career in 1959 after serving 4 years in the United States Air Force.  Originally from Adairsville Georgia he worked for 12 years in Dalton Georgia after his military service before starting his own company. His company still operates today in Dalton. He also has had successful business endeavors covering an array of areas from owning a carpet sample company, carpet stores, restaurants, crop farming, real estate and cattle.  Buddy has always been an advocate for producing superb products, outstanding customer service and manufacturing in the U.S.A... 


Buddy’s wisdom, knowledge and guidance have an impact on every facet of our company’s operations.  He lives by two mantras to anything he does.  “Do it right” and “I’d rather be talked on, than talked about”. 


Quality Control Director

Chris monitors all mechanical operations and equipment for the company.  He assures that all systems are running efficiently and safely. Overseeing all repairs, installations and updates is a critical part of Chris’s responsibilities and ensures all products are delivered as expected.  Because of his expansive background across many types of manufacturing systems and equipment he is able to quickly address issues and maintain a well running environment.


His professional background is in complex manufacturing equipment, hydraulic systems, electrical and mechanical engineering.  His personal time is spent boating, scuba diving and zip lining.    


Chief Operations Engineer

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